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Our team of expert local locksmiths provide professional locksmith services in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and surrounding areas.

Our 24 hour locksmiths are always available. No matter what time of the day or night you call, we are available 24 hours a day and always ready to come to your home or property to provide access and repair damaged locks. More than just an emergency locksmith, we also design, replace, repair, and install restricted key systems.

Assorted keysA restricted key is basically a key that can’t be duplicated easily. A restriction is set on these types of locking systems so that no-one can obtain a copy of a restricted key without written approval from the person or company that has authority over the system.

For instance, if you wanted to setup a restricted key system you may specify that you are the only person who can grant authority for new keys to be copied or cut. This gives you total control over how many keys are available for your locks and you can be safe in the knowledge that you know who owns those keys. This is especially vital for situations where you want to increase your level of security.

Restricted key systems are perfect for businesses or rental properties where many people will have access to the keys. With a restricted key system, a tenant or employee cannot simply make a copy of the key to share with friends, without first getting written approval from the governing authority person in control of the system.

We offer restricted key installations to home owners, business owners and investment property owners for installation in homes, offices, restaurants, supermarkets and industrial buildings, to name a few. We can also provide restricted key padlocks for use just about anywhere.

The limit to a restricted key installation is really up to you and your imagination. Specialising in restricted key systems, our team are happy to expert advice based on your requirements.

After having a restricted key system installed in your property you can be safe in the knowledge that you have a secure locking system and will know exactly how many keys exist and who owns them. If a key was lost, access would be lost and they would have to contact you to request a new one.

If you are looking for a safer system than a hard key system, you may consider an electronic key such as swipe card access. This way, if there is a lost card, it can simply have the access removed via the control panel.

If you own a restricted key system and have multiple keys out in circulation, you may eventually need to have the locks rekeyed to remove access from the previous out-dated keys. This usually only happens in rare cases when numerous keys have been lost over time.

If a restricted key system isn’t for you, have you considered installing a master restricted key system instead?

We Perform Restricted Access Installations

Provide different levels of access to your staff, team or even family.
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