Master Key Installations

Master key installations are the perfect solution when you want to grant different levels of access for your locks or if you simply want to reduce the number of keys that you need to carry.

By utilizing a master and slave key type arrangement, separate locks can be controlled either by their own assigned key, or by a master key or keys.

Illustration showing a master key configurationWith reference to this picture, here is how the different levels of access can be created.

Lowest level of Keys

When installing a master key installation each lower level key is only able to open a single lock that it is paired with.

An example of where this would be used is in a business office environment. Here, there may be a group of 3 employees who each have their own office. Each key will open their own office but not their peers.

Another example could be in a rental property setup. In this case each of these keys would be assigned to a separate rental property.

Middle Level of Keys

A different lock could be assigned to each of the keys on this level. Each key would open that lock only. Each key on this level could also lock and unlock the locks on the lower level that they are connected to. However the keys from the lower level would not be able to operate the locks on the level above them.

In our business example, each of these keys could be for a different team manager in an organisation. The owner of each key could open their own office and the offices of their team members, but not the office of their colleagues or their colleagues team members.

In the rental example, one of these keys could be the key that a real estate agent has which controls the locks of the properties they are managing. However they will not be able to gain access to properties that another property manager is looking after.

Top Level

Here is where the ultimate master key lives. This key has total control over all the locks below it and there could also exist a lock or locks at this level that only this key can operate.

In our business example this could be the managing directors key and the corresponding lock could be for his office.

In our rental property example this key could be for the owner of all the properties.

Benefits of Master Key Systems

An advantage of installing a Master Key Sydney is from the master key carrier only having to carry around one key that can gain access to all locks under the master keys locking system. By incorporating different levels of access we can also reduce the amount of keys other members of the team need to carry, such as the lower level managers.

There are an unlimited amount of applications for a Master key system. You can use this type of system for any locks in your home, business, rental property and even industrial application.

Think about combining every lock in your home such as fence, gate, garage, security doors, window locks etc. Our professional locksmith team all have experience in designing, repairing, replacing and installing master key systems for different lock types and setups.

If you are considering installing a new master key system please contact us, we can advise the best solution for your needs.

To make a master key system even more secure you can pair your installation with a restricted access system to create a restricted access master key system. Also check out our other mobile locksmith services.

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